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Portal Gun
Modicon Portal Gun.png
Current developersiChun
Version1.12.2: 7.1.0
1.12.1: 7.1.0
1.12: 7.1.0
1.10.2: 6.0.1-fix-1
1.10.1: 6.0.1-fix-1
1.10: 6.0.1-fix-1
1.7.10: 4.0.0-beta-6-fix-1
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.12.2
Depends oniChun Util

The PortalGun mod, created by iChun, is modeled after the game Portal and its sequel, Portal 2. This mod allows mapmakers to recreate courses in the games with the appropriate equipment to traverse both built courses and the everyday Minecraft world. The feature item of the mod is the eponymous Portal Gun which comes in several varieties.

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