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Welcome to the Technic Portal

Welcome to the Technic Portal! Here you can find information on mods, modpacks, and maps related to Technic.

What is Technic?

Technic originated as a small modpack. During Beta 1.7, a user named KakerMix released one of the earliest modpacks named Technic on a website named Something Awful. It only had a few downloads, until it was reviewed by a member of The Yogscast, where it was placed into the spotlight of their many fans.

With his newfound popularity, KakerMix assembled a team to make the Technic Launcher and further modpacks. The Technic Launcher allows for the automatic download of modpacks, meaning users don't have to modify the minecraft.jar or deal with block IDs conflicts in order to play modded Minecraft.

Technic released one of their most popular modpacks for 1.2.5, named Tekkit. It functioned for both clients and servers, and included support for Bukkit. Tekkit revolutionized the world of modded Minecraft with its large but well-fitting and very compatible selection of mods.

Tekkit Lite was released for 1.4.7 as a remastering of Tekkit. Voltz was released for the same version, and later upgraded to 1.5.2 and 1.6.4. It highlighted a group of mods based around the Universal Electricity API. Big Dig was released for 1.5.2 as a kitchensink modpack with easy progression to allow for the ease of experimentation and building.

Avoiding the industrial theme of many of their earlier modpacks, Technic released Hexxit for 1.5.2. Hexxit heavily encouraged adventure, similar to Technic's older modpacks Hack Slash Mine and Yogbox. For 1.6.4, Tekkit was remastered once again as Tekkit, with a galactic theme using Galacticraft.

The original Tekkit modpack was remastered in Tekkit Legends, a 1.7.10 remake. Technic also partnered with the modpack authors of Test Pack Please Ignore and Blightfall to make their modpacks official Technic modpacks. They also worked with the YouTube duo known as the "B-Team"- Generikb and BdoubleO- to create the modpack Attack of the B-Team and raise money for charity.

Technic is currently more focused on expanding the platform to allow for third-party creations rather than creating new modpacks. There are over 10,000 third-party modpacks available on the Technic Launcher, although many are copies or test modpacks, or of poor quality.

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