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Welcome to the All the Mods Portal! Here you can find information on mods, modpacks, and maps related to All the Mods.

What is All the Mods?

All the Mods originated as a kitchensink modpack named All the Mods by whatthedrunk for his private server. However, the modpack became very popular, due to being one of the first modpacks for Minecraft 1.10, having a diverse amount of mods, and being close to the community.

whatthedrunk made the ATM Team to create more modpacks. Projects such as All the Mods Expert and All the Mods Lite were created as specialized modpacks by the team.

When Minecraft 1.11 was released, All the Mods 2 was released. It was followed by All the Mods 3, their current flagship modpack, for Minecraft 1.12. All the Mods is the most second popular modpack group on CurseForge, behind Feed The Beast.

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