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Welcome to the ATLauncher portal

Welcome to the ATLauncher portal! Here you can find information on mods, modpacks, and maps related to ATLauncher.

What is ATLauncher?

ATLauncher originated when a small YouTuber, RyanTheAllmighty, wanted to share his personal modpack with his viewers. Some time later, ATLauncher was created.

Unlike platforms like Technic and Feed The Beast, ATLauncher does not have any official modpacks. All of the modpacks available through it are third-party modpacks. There are about 100 public modpacks available, with about 300 modpacks total.

A large amount of ATLauncher's modpacks are for private servers, and several are created by YouTubers and streamers. Many are for general use, however. The most popular of these include SkyFactory 2 and Resonant Rise, which have millions of downloads.

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