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This page is about the Portable Tank added by Thermal Expansion 4. For other uses, see Portable Tank.
Portable Tank

ModThermal Expansion 4
TypeSolid block

Portable Tanks are blocks from Thermal Expansion 4. It stores any fluid and can be picked up with a Crescent Hammer or a pickaxe and it will keep the fluid inside.


When placed it will be in input mode which means fluid can be piped in to it from any side. If you hit it with a Crescent Hammer it will be changed to output mode which means fluids can be piped in from any side except the bottom, where the fluid will be automatically output at 1000 mB per tick in to anything that can receive the fluid.

Creative portable tanks work a little differently, they won't store any fluids so when a fluid enters the tank it is set to output that fluid at the same rate as the other tanks, also inputting a different fluid will change it to output that. They will output in to pipes automatically regardless of mode.


Tier Capacity
Basic 8000 mB
Hardened 32000 mB
Reinforced 128000 mB
Resonant 512000 mB