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Porcelain Channel

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance60
Technical details
Registry nameceramics:channel
Unlocalized nametile.ceramics.channel

The Porcelain Channel is a fluid transportation device added by Ceramics. It can transport fluids into fluid storage devices. It cannot extract fluids from storage devices, so another device which can extract must be used, such as a Porcelain Faucet.

The Porcelain Channel's flowing directions can be configured by right-clicking the block. It can be configured to not be connected to adjacent channels, flow outwards, or accept inward flow.

They can flow downwards only a single block. Downward flow is prioritized over adjacent flow.

Powering it with redstone will enable outward flow, and depowering it with redstone will enable inward flow, however the right-click functionality overrides this.