Pollution Scrubber

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Pollution Scrubber


The Pollution Scrubber is a machine added by GT++ which removes pollution in a chunk or chunks, depending on tier. It comes in several varieties: Pollution Scrubber (ULV), Upgraded Pollution Scrubber (LV), Advanced Pollution Scrubber (MV), Precision Pollution Scrubber (HV), Air Recycler (EV), Upgraded Air Recycler (IV), Advanced Air Recycler (LuV), Precision Air Recycler (ZPM), Atmospheric Cleaner (UV), and Biosphere Cleanser (UHV). It is first available at LV-tier.


The Pollution Scrubber and variants work to remove pollution in a chunk or chunks by means of filters and turbine rotors, which must be inserted into the machine. The turbine rotors must be manually replaced and cannot be automated. It requires 2A of power to run and features 2 usage modes: Low Efficiency and High Efficiency. In Low Efficiency mode, the turbine rotor will not break, but the scrubber only removes 50% of normally-removed pollution and causes 50% the normal damage to the rotor. You must use a Soldering Iron to change modes. It is best paired with a Pollution Detection Device and/or Portable Scanner (GregTech 5) to easily check the pollution in chunks and maximize turbine and filter effectiveness and durability.

All variants up to and including LuV-tier (Advanced Air Recycler) work only on the chunk they are placed in, while ZPM-tier and up will also attempt to remove 1/4 the pollution value from the 8 chunks surrounding the chunk it is placed in.