Plates (also called Sheets) are a material form originating from GregTech. They are a common type of crafting ingredient.


Flaxbeard's Steam Power

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Plates from Flaxbeard's Steam Power (FSP) are much different than standard plates. They use the Ore Dictionary prefix "plateSteamcraft" rather than simply "plate". Plates in Flaxbeard's Steam Power are made using a Plate Mold with the Crucible, and can only be used in its own recipes, unless specifically allowed by the other mods. This is a balance design choice since FSP plates only cost 6 nuggets worth of material, while other mod plates typically cost much more of the material than that.

Additionally, these plates are not effected by GregTech's meta-material system, so only explicitly implemented plates will exist, despite GregTech's installation.


Version history
0.24.0CHANGE: Changed oredict format for plates to “plateSteamcraft”, fixing dupe bug with IC2
0.29.0NEW: Gilded Iron Plates, made from dunking iron plates in gold

Immersive Engineering

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IndustrialCraft 2

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Plates were originally created to replace Refined Iron.

Plate Type Forge Hammer Metal Former Compressor Block Cutting Machine
Copper Yes Yes No Yes
Tin Yes Yes No Yes
Bronze Yes Yes No Yes
Iron Yes Yes No Yes
Refined Iron No Yes No Yes
Gold Yes Yes No Yes
Lead Yes Yes No Yes
Obsidian No No Yes Yes
Lapis Lazuli No No Yes Yes

There are also 3 special plates: the Advanced Alloy, Carbon Plate and Iridium Reinforced Plate. The Advanced Alloy and Carbon Plates are made in the compressor, and the Iridium Reinforced Plate is crafted. More detailed information can be found on each plate's page.

FTB Infinity Evolved

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Tesla Core Lib

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Tesla Core Lib adds Sheets but they cannot be crafted without other mods.

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