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This page is about the Plasma Generator added by GregTech 5 Unofficial. For other uses, see Plasma Generator.
Plasma Generator

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textRequires Plasma Fuel
Blast resistance10
Liquid storage16,000 mB
Voltage out2,048/8,192/32,768 EU-Volts
Max amperage1 EU-Amps
Fuel efficiency50%/60%/70%

The Plasma Generator is a type of generator added by GregTech 5 Unofficial. It produces Electricity using plasma.

Plasma can be put in in form of Cells or other liquid containers, or directly piped in. Energy is emitted from the side with the single dot; pipes can be connected from every other side.

The efficiency of a Plasma Generator is equal to (10+10*Tier)%


The three tiers of Plasma Generator emit HV, EV, and IV power, but are made with LuV, ZPM, and UV Machine Hulls respectively. The rods for the Mark II and III are made from materials that may only be made in a Fusion Reactor.


Plasma Fuel Value per L Burn Time per 1000L (Mark I) Mark II Mark III

Helium Plasma Cell 4,096 EU 1,000t 300t 87.5t

Oxygen Plasma Cell 16,384 EU 4,000t 1,200t 350t

Sulfur Plasma Cell 32,768 EU 8,000t 2,400t 700t

Nitrogen Plasma Cell 14,336 EU 3,500t 1,050t 306.25t

Iron Plasma Cell 57,344 EU 14,000t 4,200t 1,225t

Nickel Plasma Cell 59,392 EU 14,500t 4,350t 1,268.75t