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This page is about the Planters added by Better With Mods. For other uses, see Planter.

ModBetter With Mods
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance1.0
Technical details
Ore dictionary nameblockPlanter

Planters are a set of functional blocks added by Better With Mods. They are used to plant and harvest crops. There are 10 different types of planters, each with different properties. The empty Planter is made from an Unfired Planter in the Kiln, while the others are made by right clicking their respective blocks on the Planter. For example, to create a Soul Sand Planter, one must right click with Soul Sand on an empty Planter. In the Water Planters case, the empty Planter is right clicked with a Water Bucket, which will return an Empty Bucket to the player.

A filled planter will assume the planting capabilities of its block. For example, you are able to plant Nether Warts on Soul Sand Planters seeing as you can plant Nether Warts on normal Soul Sand. For the most part, these capabilities will work with modded crops.

When tilled, the Grass and Dirt Planters will become Farmland Planters.

Fertile Planters are created by right clicking on Farmland Planters using Bone Meal or Fertilizer.

Shovels can be used to clear Sand, Red Sand, and Farmland Planters.