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Plant Interactor

ModIndustrial Foregoing
Blast resistance15
Liquid storage8,000 mB
RF use40 RF/t
RF storage50,400 RF
Technical details
Registry nameindustrialforegoing:plant_interactor
Unlocalized nametile.industrialforegoing.plant_interactor

The Plant Interactor is a machine added by Industrial Foregoing. It is used to harvest crops by simulating a right click. This can be used to harvest crops and tree fruit from Pam's HarvestCraft mod without breaking the base plant. Items will be input to the internal storage or dropped to the ground if no space is available. The machine will also produce 10 mB of Sludge per item collected into the internal tank.

The Plant Interactor covers a 3x3 area in front of the machine, which can be expanded with a Range Addon. Each operation consumes 400 RF from the work energy buffer. This buffer refills at 40 RF/t allowing for one operation every 10 ticks.


"Industrial Foregoing"

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