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This page is about the Pipe added by Charset. For other uses, see Pipe.

TypeSolid block
Required modulesPipes (|)

The Pipe is a block added by Charset. When items enter it through a Shifter, it will move the item into the next Pipe or into the next adjacent inventory, at a rate of 1 item per 16 ticks (0.8 seconds).

The direction is decided as follows:

  • If any activated Shifter is pointing at the item at any distance, and the item can move in its direction, it will follow that direction. Closer Shifters are prioritized over further away ones, and filtered ones over unfiltered ones.
  • If there are two active Shifters pointing in opposite directions and equally distant from the item, the item will freeze until one of them is removed or deactivated.
  • If no Shifters are active, the item will try to keep going straight. If it cannot go straight, it will choose a random direction.

A simple setup, moving Cobblestone from the left Chest to the right Chest.

If the Pipe cannot push an item into an inventory, it will become clogged, and the Pipe will keep that item until it can push the item into an inventory.

Clogged Pipe.png


Without BuildCraft

This recipe is added when BuildCraft is not loaded. If BuildCraft is loaded, Charset does not load the recipe to prevent a recipe conflict with the Obsidian Transport Pipe.


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