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Pink Slime

ModIndustrial Foregoing

Pink Slime is a fluid added by Industrial Foregoing. It is created by processing mobs in the Mob Slaughter Factory. Liquid Pink Slime can be used to spawn Pink Slime (mob). Pink Slime mobs are spawned by source blocks of the fluid on random world ticks (approximately 1 minute wait on average), replacing the source block that spawned it with air. Pink Slime is the only fluid added by Industrial Foregoing that cannot be consumed by the Straw. Entities who touch liquid Pink Slime will receive the Glowing status effect for a short period of time.

The amount of Pink Slime created by the Mob Slaughter Factory is based on the amount of hit points that the monster has at the time of being killed, each hit point being worth 8 millibuckets for all Animal entities and 1 millibuckets for every other type of entity. Since Polar Bears spawn with a constant 30 hit points (15 hearts) it makes them worth the most Pink Slime per kill for a Vanilla mob.

Pink Slime fluid can be used in a Fluid Sieving Machine along with Iron Ingots to make a Pink Slime ingot. It requires 2,000mb (2 buckets) of Pink Slime fluid per ingot.

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