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This page is about the Pickaxe of the Core added by Thaumcraft 5. For other uses, see Pickaxe of the Core.
Pickaxe of the Core

ModThaumcraft 5

The Pickaxe of the Core is an elemental pickaxe added by Thaumcraft 5. It has 1500 points of durability and it has a few unique abilities.


  • When mining ores, it has a chance to drop a native cluster of that ore which will yields double the materials than the normal ore.
  • When right-clicked on a block, it will give the player indications to where ores, lava and water lie (this will use 5 points of durability per click).
  • If shift is held while using the pickaxe, it will function like a normal one.




Instability: Negligible

This infusion has the instability level of "negligible".

Thaumonomicon entry

By infusing a thaumium pickaxe with fire shards, you have created a pickaxe that glows with the heat of a forge.
When you mine ore blocks there is a chance that you will mine a cluster instead. Native clusters are much easier to process and produces double the normal amount of metal when smelted.
It can also be used to sound out any surface you right click against to find out what valuable ores, lava or water can be found nearby. If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal pickaxe.