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This page is about the Pickaxe added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Pickaxe.

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textHold Leftclick to quarry minerals and stones
Mining levelVarious
Mining speedVarious
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The Pickaxe added by GregTech 5 is a Meta-Tool used to mine stone, ores, and similar blocks. When GregTech is installed, the crafting recipes for Vanilla and IndustrialCraft 2 pickaxes are modified slightly.


Vanilla-type Pickaxes

While the recipes for the Wood, Stone and Diamond pickaxes are unchanged from Vanilla, the Iron, Bronze, and Gold pickaxes are changed to require crafting tools. Additionally, a pickaxe can be made from Flint using a Stone-like recipe. Following are shown the recipes for the Flint, Iron, Bronze, and Gold pickaxes:

Vanilla-type pickaxes have reduced durability, but still function normally as Vanilla tools and are otherwise unchanged. The Flint pickaxe is a Meta-Tool. It has increased durability, loses variable amounts of durability when used depending on block hardness, and cannot be used to break any block that is not Pickaxe-harvestable.

GregTech Pickaxes

Most GregTech Pickaxes are Meta-Tools. To craft one, first craft a Pickaxe Head, and then craft the Head together with a Stick. Higher tier and specialty materials may require a Steel or Thaumium Rod in place of the Stick.

Pickaxe Head

The Pickaxe Head is made from a plate and two ingots of the same tool material. A Pickaxe Head may also be made from Gem-type materials, in which case three gems are used instead, and no plate or hammer is needed.

Alternately, metal Pickaxe Heads may be made in an Extruder using a Pickaxe Head Shape. Higher tier materials require a higher tier Extruder to craft.

Total: 21504 EU
Usage: 128 EU/t
Voltage: 128 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 8 secs

The tool's material defines its durability, mining speed, and mining level. For a list of tool materials, see Material Properties.