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Performance Engine


The Performance Engine is a RotaryCraft engine. Unlike the Gasoline Engine, it requires Ethanol (Item or Fluid form) and an additive (Redstone, Gunpowder or Blaze Powder) to generate its maximum amount of Shaft Power. Also if this engine is left running without coolant (Water) this engine will eventually explode.


The aluminum required to make the Aluminum Alloy Cylinders cannot be found in the world. It is a byproduct of processing redstone ore, or lapis lazuli ore in the Extractor.


As explained above, this engine consumes ethanol and an additive to give its full power output. Coolant in the form of water is also required. To automate this process, ethanol can be put into the engine in item or liquid form, additives can be piped in in item form, and for reliability, water should be piped in.

The performance engine produces quadruple the amount of power that a gasoline engine goes, assuming additives are added. This totals to 1024 rad/s (1 krad/s) and 256 Nm of Torque for a total power output of 262.144 Kilowatts of energy.

If additives are not added, the performance engine will produce the same output as a gasoline engine, at half the efficiency. Bear this in mind when upgrading to this engine.