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Pelotrio (Convocation) is a dim constellation added by Astral Sorcery. It is associated with conjuration and regeneration. Unlike other constellations, it will only appear during full and new moons.

Stellar Refraction Table

Main article: Stellar Refraction Table

This constellation bestows Mending on tools or Infinity on bows and Regeneration on potions.


Main article: Ritual Pedestal (Astral Sorcery)

This constellation increases the spawn rate of all entities, including hostile ones.

Mantle of Stars

Main article: Mantle of Stars

When worn the Mantle creates the appropriate tool to break the block or attack a mob in front of the player.

Astral Tome entry

The irresistible and unnaturally impulsive rays of this set of stars are only visible during the darkest or brightest nights.
Astral Tome