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ModDeep Resonance
Tooltip textThis block can place crystals and pick up spent. [sic] crystals

The Pedestal is a machine added by Deep Resonance. When a Resonating Crystal is inserted into it, it will automatically attempt to place it in front of itself, as well as attempting to connect it to a nearby active Generator. This is the only way to make an active Generator detect a new Crystal without turning it off.

When the placed Crystal is fully depleted, it will automatically be collected and inserted into an adjacent inventory. If there's no adjacent inventory, then it will simply be dropped in the world.


Deep Resonance Manual entry

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The pedestal can automatically place crystals in front of it. It will also break crystals if they are used up and try to place them in an adjacent inventory. If it can't find one it will eject it into the world instead. Once the crystal is placed it will be automatically connected to the closest generator (if that generator allows it).
Deep Resonance Manual