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Peat-fired Engine

Mod Forestry

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Energy Production
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Output 1RF/T or 2 RF/T
Buffer 18,000 RF
Explosive No
Locks down? No

The Peat-fired Engine is an engine added by Forestry. It is a Buildcraft compatible engine, and can be used to power any machine requiring RF.


Age of Engineering

In the Age of Engineering modpack, the glass must be Stable Glass, produced by using the Calculator.


The peat-fired engine is fuelled with Peat or Bituminous Peat. Peat provides 10 RF per tick for 5000 ticks, and produces Ash at a rate of 0.66 ash per peat.

Bituminous Peat produces 20 RF per tick for 6000 ticks, and produces ash at a rate of 0.66 ash per peat.

Fuel can be pumped into the sides of the engine. Ash is removed from the top and bottom faces.