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The Page is an item added by Mystcraft. It can be stored in Notebooks and is used for writing Descriptive Books. It can either be blank or more often contain Symbols.


Blank Pages can be created by placing paper into a Book Binder or they can clone the symbols from other Pages by using the Writing Desk.


Symbol Pages can only be obtained by exploring since creating a descriptive book with blank Pages will not give them any symbols. Pages can be found in the following locations in the Overworld or the Ages:

  • Archivist's House found in villages which will contain lecterns with up to two symbol Pages, as well as a Writing Desk
  • An Archivist villager trades symbol Pages in exchange for emeralds. Some symbol pages (such as Diamond Ore) can cost up to 64 emeralds, depending on how "rare" they are.
  • Random loot in any chest, such as dungeons, mineshafts, Barrow Hills or similar.
  • The Abandoned Library, found near spawn in every age, contains lecterns with up to five symbol Pages and a hidden chest with up to eight more symbol Pages and, sometimes, a Notebook with even more.