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PA Wrench
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ModProgressive Automation

The PA Wrench is an item in Progressive Automation. It is used to alter the interactions of individual sides of Progressive Automation machines, and can be used to pick up a Machine without losing its stored Upgrades.



The PA Wrench has 7 modes, each of which apply a different mode to the side of a machine the Wrench is used on. Modes are swapped by Sneak-Using the Wrench. The Mode a Wrench is set to is displayed in the Wrench's tooltip, and when modes are switched the new mode is displayed in chat.

Mode Effect
Query Displays the side's current Mode in chat
Output Sets the side to automatically output produced items
FuelInput Sets the side to accept input to the machine's Fuel slot
Input Sets the side to accept inputs of tools and crafting materials
Normal Sets the side to accept input or output of any kind
Disabled Prevents the side from interacting with other blocks
Rotate Rotates the sides on a machine

Additionally, if a PA Wrench is Sneak-Used on a machine, that machine will drop as an item, containing all of its upgrades, items, and tools. Possibly as a bug, doing this also swaps the Wrench's mode.

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