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This page is about the Oven added by Cooking for Blockheads. For other uses, see Oven.

ModCooking for Blockheads
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMultiblock Kitchen Enables smelting abilities.
Blast resistance10
StackableYes (64)
RF use1 RF/t
RF storage10000 RF

The Oven is a block added by Cooking for Blockheads. It allows smelting recipes to be used in a multiblock kitchen and is also able to smelt food items in bulk.


The Oven burns fuel items to cook food items, and can cook up to 9 of an item at a time using the same amount of burn time/fuel as it would to cook only 1 in the Oven. This makes it faster at cooking food items than a Smoker even though the Oven's cooking time is the same as that of a Furnace, as long as food items are being cooked in bulk (three or more). However, the Oven uses up fuel at a 3x faster rate by default. The fuel rate and the cooking time can both be changed in the mod's config file.

If an Oven is connected to a multiblock kitchen, recipes requiring smelting can be done with a Cooking Table in the multiblock kitchen.

Cooking tools can be placed on the Oven by right-clicking the top face with the tool in hand or by placing it into the oven's UI on the left. These tools will be accessible by any multiblock kitchen connected to the Oven.

If the Oven has the Heating Unit upgrade, it will gain an internal RF storage of 10,000 RF. With this upgrade, if there is food to cook but there is no fuel left to burn, it will begin consuming RF at roughly 1 RF/tick.

Sneak-right-clicking on the door of the Oven will leave it open. Food can be placed directly into the Oven this way, as an alternative to using the Oven's UI.

Through the mod's config file, automation of the Oven can be disabled (disallowing other blocks from automatically inserting/extracting from the Oven). It can also be configured to only use Cooking Oil (Pam's HarvestCraft) as fuel.