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This page is about the Oven added by Agriculture. For other uses, see Oven.


The Oven is used to cook food from the Agriculture mod. From the top, it is similar to the Counter, but from the front it has a new GUI that functions in a similar way to a Furnace, but food that is cooked for too long will burn.



The top section is exactly the same as the Counter. The front section, however, functions differently. The slot on the left is for coal, that burns to cook the food. The slider determines the heat of the oven, the higher it is set, the quicker food will cook, but the more likely it is to burn. The slots on the right are where food is added. The core ingredient/container is put on the left, with the ingredients placed to the right. Oven Racks can be added in the far right slots to cook multiple items at the same time.