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Osmotic Enchanter

ModThaumic Tinkerer
TypeTile entity

The Osmotic Enchanter is an enchantment table added by Thaumic Tinkerer. It is similar to a vanilla Enchantment Table except the player is able to choose which enchantment they want. The Osmotic Enchanter needs to be placed close to 6 Obsidian Totem pillars (from 2 to 12 blocks, but size does not affect any technical parts) with a Nitor on top of each pillar. The player also needs a wand that is at least Gold Capped. The Osmotic Enchanter still follows the rules of standard enchanting, meaning that mutually exclusive enchantments cannot be combined (e.g., Fortune and Silk Touch).

A max sized Osmotic Enchanter formation






Instability: Negligible

This infusion has an instability level of "Dangerous".

Thaumonomicon entry

You grew tired of getting terrible enchantments for your efforts. To that, you created a new enchantment table that allows you to pick what enchantments you want to apply to an item.

This new contraption requires a wand, each enchantment requires a specific combination of vis from that wand. The price of the enchantment is exponentially proportional to the level you want to apply.

Regular enchantment rules apply, for example, you can't combine Silk Touch with Fortune.

After you selected the enchantments you want on an item, clicking the red button in the interface will start the enchanting progress. As the item is being enchanted, you can't take it out of the table, nor can you change the enchantments you are putting on it.

The table will slowly drain vis from the wand, until it's done. For this to work, there needs to be 6 pillars in the nearby vicinity (4 blocks), these pillars need to be at the same level of the table.

The pillars need to be made of two to twelve Obsidian Totem blocks stacked on top of each other, with a piece of Nitor on top of them. The enchanter will get flux energy from them, grabbing vis from the wand and combining them to enchant the item.

Lastly, the enchanter will cease to function with iron or copper capped wands, due to them being too rustic and basic for the complex infusions required.
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