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The Orechid is a functional flower added by Botania. When supplied with a massive amount of Mana, it will turn nearby stone blocks into ores (the frequency is based on how rare they are).

Every 5 seconds the flower will convert a random Stone block in a 11x11x7 area into a random type of ore, using 17,500 Mana per block.

If Garden of Glass is present, the delay will be lowered to 2 ticks and the cost to 700 Mana.[1]

The Orechid does not generate GregTech ores.

Orechids are not found naturally and must be planted by a player.

Generated ore

Ore Weight[2]
Coal Ore 46525
Diamond Ore 1265
Iron Ore 20665
Lapis Lazuli Ore 1285
Redstone Ore 6885
Emerald Ore 780
Aluminum Ore 3940
Amber Bearing Stone 2075
Apatite Ore 1595
Blue Topaz Ore 3195
Certus Quartz Ore 3975
Chimerite Ore 3970
Cinnabar Ore 2585
Copper Ore 8325
Dark Ore 1350
Dark Iron Ore 1700
Gold Ore 2970
Air Infused Stone 925
Earth Infused Stone 925
Entropy Infused Stone 925
Fire Infused Stone 925
Order Infused Stone 925
Water Infused Stone 925
Lead Ore 7985
Essence Ore 3085
Mana Infused Ore 8
Nickel Ore 2275
Olivine Ore 1100
Platinum Ore 365
Ruby Ore 1100
Sapphire Ore 1100
Silver Ore 6300
Sulfur Ore 1105
Tin Ore 9450
Uranium Ore 1337
Vinteum Ore 5925
Yellorite Ore 3520
Zinc Ore 6485
Mythril Ore 6485
Adamantium Ore 2275
Tungsten Ore 3520
Osmium Ore 6915
Black Quartz Ore 5535


Garden of Glass

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