Ore Smasher

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Ore Smasher

ModEx Compressum

The Ore Smasher is a tool added by Ex Compressum. It is used to mine and place Ore Gravel that is added by Ex Nihilo and Sand as well as automatically crafting Broken or Powdered Ores into their block variant. It is only useful with Ex Nihilo Omnia installed.


To craft an Ore Smasher, put a Diamond at the end of two diagonal Sticks and surround it with Crafting Tables. {{Cg/Crating Table |


Right-clicking with an Ore Smasher will place Ore Gravel or Ore Sand from your inventory to where you're pointing. If you have none of these in your inventory, it will attempt to automatically craft them from Broken or Crushed Ores in your inventory.

The Ore Smasher is as fast as a Diamond Hammer when smashing blocks, but is limited to ore blocks. Other hammerable blocks (such as cobblestone) cannot be broken with this.