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Operator: Vector Dot Product

Return typeNumber
Vector AVector
Vector BVector
Technical details
Registry nameoperatorVectorDotProduct

Operator: Vector Dot Product is a Number Spell Piece added by Psi. It provides the dot product of two vectors, which is defined as , where and are vectors, and are the magnitudes of the two vectors, and is the angle between the two vectors. For example, two vectors at a 90° angle will have a dot product of 0, while those at a 0° angle will be exactly equal to . This result is scalar; it will result in a number value, not another vector. This should not be confused with
Operator: Vector Multiply and
Operator: Vector Cross Product. It is unlocked in the lesson "Trigonometry."


  • Vector A: Requires a vector.
  • Vector B: Requires a vector.

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