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Omega Craft
Current developersCobbs_3
Version1.16.5: 4.2
1.15.2: 4.1.1c
1.15.1: 4.0.8b
1.14.4: 4.1.1b
1.12.2: 3.4.1
1.12.1: 3.3.1
1.12: 3.3.1
1.11.2: 2.1.2
1.10.2: 2.1
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2-1.16.5

Omega Craft is a technology mod created by Cobbs_3. It adds features like modular machine building, wireless item, fluid, power transport, and ore processing. It is the third mod part of the TSON group of mods, which consists of TSON Craft, Lord Craft and Omega Craft.


An image of the non-functional removed Mining Bores (right) Pylon/Distributor (top), the World Manipulator/Combat Gauntlet and Manipulation Gauntlet. (bottom)

A screenshot showing the removed functional Lava Fabricator (works similar to the Dark Matter Fabricator)

  • In the 1.16.5 port of Omega Craft the player can use Void Crystals from Lord Craft to power machines (an alternate power source). By right clicking the Void Crystal the player can change the amount of Pips. There is 4 levels, with 0 the machine does nothing, with 1 processing at furnace speed and at 4 Pips can process the resource in about 2 seconds.
  • If the player has Omega Craft installed along with TSON Craft in 1.12.2 the Metallic Bend for Copper, Tin, Lead, Silver and Aluminium will be compatible.
  • In mod versions 2.2.0 to 2.2.4, there used to be a Mining Bore block (3 tiers, had no GUI), left and right handed versions of the World Manipulator/Combat Gauntlet and Manipulation Gauntlets, a Lava Fabricator, and early versions of Dark Matter and the Dark Fabricator. These features were later removed and the Mining Bore feature was replaced with the Disintegration module for the Force Field system after the rewrite.
  • The Force Field system does not appear in 1.14.4 versions of the mod. While the rest of the mod's features were kept in newer versions, new features were also added like the Multiblock Energy Storage and Oil related machines. It is assumed due to the complexity of the Force Field system code and changes between 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 Forge that this feature was removed, or change in direction the mod creator had planned for future versions.
  • Earlier versions of Omega Craft (1 and 2 for 1.10.2 to 1.12.1) required RF conversion and used its own RF or unique power system. Omega Craft 3 properly supported RF and did not need to be converted. The mod supported Tesla across many versions prior to and after the rewrite (until the last 1.12.2 version).
  • In Omega Craft 1 and 2 (1.10.2 to 1.12.1) the mod had Pylons and Distributors to transport energy to machines. It is a carryover from TSON Craft 3 & 4's design (the original TSON Craft mod before the split into Omega Craft as the tech mod, Lord Craft as the magic mod, and TSON Craft as the hardcore survival mod). In Omega Craft 3, energy is transported with Energy Nodes. Pylons were the Nodes while Distributors were the connectors (during the rewrite textures and possible other changes were made to separate it from TSON Craft).
  • An image showing an Electric Furnace or Capacitor being used to fill the power buffer of the other Electric Furnace.

    In Omega Craft 4 (versions for 1.14.4 and 1.15.2) it's possible to pick up machines with stored power. With this power stored in the machine it can be transferred to another to empty it's power (similar to using a fully charged battery/capacitor item and removing it's power). So if the player has two Electric Furnaces, and the player has one that is empty with no power and one that has a full power buffer, they can put the full one into the red slot of the empty machine to fill that one up and empty the power from the previously filled one. This could be useful for players wanting to move machines without the stored power being lost or moving power from an advanced electric furnace from their previous tier electric furnace. This seems to be implemented due to no slot existing to empty the power into the Capacitor, only to remove the power from the Capacitor or the machine.

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