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Oil Shale

ModThermal Foundation
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance15
Technical details
Ore dictionary nameoreClathrateOilSand

The Oil Shale is an ore added by Thermal Foundation. It can be used to gain Bitumen and Tar.


Oil shale occurs fairly uncommonly in mesas, oceans, swamplands, and snowy biomes in veins between gravel, dirt and stone blocks. It is found at almost any altitude (layers 10-80). It occurs in fairly large deposits, almost as large as deposits of coal ore. Deposits of oil shale may also contain some coal ore.

Oil shale also more rarely occurs in much larger deposits underground (layers 20-60) in all biomes, surrounding a small amount of crude oil.

Oil shale must be mined with a stone pickaxe or shovel or better. It drops one piece of bitumen when mined. More bitumen is dropped if a Fortune enchanted tool is used. Oil shale itself can be obtained by mining it with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.

When oil shale is broken, some crude oil comes flowing out. This oil cannot be picked up and eventually disappears. If a Silk Touch enchanted tool is used, no fluid comes flowing out.