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Oil Generator

ModActually Additions
Liquid storage2,000 mB
CF storage50,000 CF
Max CF output140 CF/t
CF production40-120 CF/t
RF storage50,000 RF
Max RF output140 RF/t
RF production40-120 RF/t
Tesla storage50,000 T
Max Tesla output140 T/t
Tesla production40-120 T/t

The Oil Generator is a block added by Actually Additions. It generates Crystal Flux over time by burning Oil-based liquids in batches of 50 mB, based on the table below.

Type CF/t Burn time (50 mB) CF/B

Canola Oil
40 100 ticks 80,000

120 120 ticks 192,000

Crystallized Oil
280 280 ticks 560,000

Empowered Oil
400 400 ticks 960,000

Right-clicking the Oil Generator with an Oil Bucket will empty the Bucket into the generator. Oil can also be pumped in through pipes or other techniques. The Oil Generator can be disabled by a Redstone signal.

Comparator usage

The Oil Generator has integration with the Redstone Comparator. The Redstone Comparator will emit a signal proportional to the amount of energy stored. For example, an Oil Generator with no energy stored will emit no signal, and a fully charged Oil Generator will emit a signal of 15.



Version history
1.11-r78Allowed the Oil Generator to be disabled by Redstone.
1.11-r82Changed from using Redstone Flux and Tesla to Crystal Flux.
Added Redstone Comparator support.

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