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This page is about the wiki itself. For the main page, see FTB Wiki.

The Official Feed The Beast Wiki (, originally, later (usually shortened to the Official FTB Wiki, or the FTB Wiki) is a wiki dedicated to documenting Feed The Beast and modded Minecraft. It is one of the two largest modded Minecraft wikis, the other being the Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki. It is owned by Feed The Beast and hosted by FANDOM. It currently has 27,702 articles and 502,298 edits.


Main article: History of the Official Feed The Beast Wiki

Jadedcat21, who was a part of the FTB Team at the time, suggested the creation of an official wiki for FTB. She recruited Tahg to lead the team and they recruited several staff members, including editors, template and skin maintainers, and translators. The Official FTB Wiki was launched on November 14th, 2012.[1] The wiki originally only allowed staff members to edit; non-staff could only contribute by sending private messages to staff members on the forums. This was done to stop spam bots and malicious edits from compromising the wiki—which was a major issue—but it also substantially stunted the wiki's early growth. Tahg was replaced by Jadedcat21 as team lead early in the wiki's history.

In July, 2013, the wiki was opened so that anyone could register and edit. However, this was done too late, as several wiki contributors were fragmented between the Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki and this one. Although a merge had been discussed, no agreement could be made. In August 2013, Jadedcat21 retired from managing the wiki and left it to Jinbobo.

In June 2014, GregTech 5 was released. Due to GregTech 4's Wikispace wiki being taken down and the large amount of changes to GregTech 5, the GregTech community decided to make the Official FTB Wiki their future site for GregTech documentation. This resulted in a fairly significant amount of users joining and content being made. However, in August 2014, Jinbobo left the community due to the core FTB Team ignoring his desires for the wiki's future. He left the wiki with the OreDict extension broken, which would cause the wiki server to crash frequently and have other issues. However, he left behind TheSatanicSanta and Retep998 as admins, and as a result of his departure, there was no longer a lead editor but a small group of staff that made decisions democratically.

In late 2014, as a result of the Feed The Beast-Curse partnership, the Official Feed The Beast Wiki was moved onto Gamepedia and its URL was changed to Gamepedia extension developers fixed the issues with the extensions, allowing the wiki to usable again, and allowed anonymous users to contribute to the wiki.

In late 2016 through 2017, the staff system was replaced by a more directly democratic system. Due to the focus of the documentation of Minecraft 1.8 and other newer versions, the Official FTB Wiki has recently become described as the most updated major wiki[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]. Recently, because of FANDOM's acquisition of Gamepedia, the FTB Wiki changed domains to, becoming a FANDOM wiki.


The Official Feed The Beast Wiki currently has 27,702 articles and 502,298 edits. The FTB Wiki originally focused on Feed The Beast, but it currently is more focused on modded Minecraft in general, although there is plenty of overlap. Despite being an "FTB" Wiki, all mods and modpacks are allowed to be documented. Many, perhaps even most, of the contributors do not frequently play FTB modpacks.

Article growth

The FTB Wiki community

The size of the Official FTB Wiki's community has varied at different times, but there have usually been relatively few active editors. Most have been male, with the United States being the main country editors are from, but many editors have been from other countries, including the United Kingdom[10], Canada[11], Poland[12], Germany[13], China[14], Egypt[15], among many others.

Early wiki staff often used the FTB forums to communicate. Currently, the community mainly uses talk pages, as well as IRC and recently Discord for communication.

Most decisions are made simultaneously by editors. Large decisions and disputes are usually settled through discussions, but voting has often been used for controversial or very large ideas. Voting is always used for assigning user groups. In the past, only staff members could vote; currently, with no formal staff on the wiki anyone can vote, although very few non-editors or new editors have.

From December 31st, 2014 to January 1st, 2015, editor Xbony2 decided to spend the night (and the rest of the year by extension) documenting The Mists of RioV. After enjoying himself, the next year he decided to create a formal "editathon" called the 2015-2016 Marathon, in which participants were to document mods until it was 2016 in the editor's timezone. Xbony2 has hosted regular editathons since, all with different themes and rules. Different editathons have had varying successes; the 200k Editathon, held to celebrate the wiki reaching 200,000 edits had 17 participants, including several new editors, with many edits (over 3,000) made. Other editathons have had less, usually due to a lack of advertising or unappealing themes.

The wiki has had multiple "WikiPack" Minecraft servers for editors to test and have fun on. One of the servers, WikiPack 1, directed by Retep998, used the WikiPack 1 modpack, which used Minecraft 1.7.10 and focused around GregTech 6. The other servers, directed by Xbony2, have used a mix of custom modpacks and FTB modpacks. Currently, the only active server, WikiPack 4, uses FTB Endeavour.

Interactions with the modded Minecraft community

See also: User:Xbony2/Stuff that links to us

As the full name suggests, the Official Feed The Beast Wiki is used as the official wiki for Feed The Beast. It has also been used as the official wiki for many mods and some modpacks, including Myrathi's mods, GregTech, IC2 Nuclear Control, Flaxbeard's Steam Power, ArmorPlus, The Mists of RioV, NuclearCraft and Defiled Lands[16], although the majority of documentation is unofficial.

Some mod authors do not necessarily declare the documentation of their mod on the FTB Wiki to be official, but they promote the wiki by linking to it, such as Azanor, the mod author of Thaumcraft 5[17], Ellpeck, the mod author of Actually Additions[18], Vazkii, the mod author of Botania, through their Lexica Botania, WayofTime, the mod author of Blood Magic[19], and Jackyy, the mod author of Exchangers[20].

Some mod authors have contributed corrections and updates, such as asie, the mod author of Charset[21], Eladkay, the mod author of the Scanner mod, Silimatics, and various other mods[22], XCompWiz, the mod author of Mystcraft[23], Reika, the mod author of RotaryCraft, ChromatiCraft, and various other mods[24], and ProfessorLucario, the mod author of Factory Tech[25]. These edits have ranged from one or two corrections to the completion of entire mod sections.

Some mod authors have shown their appreciation in other ways, such as the Ladysnake group giving FTB Wiki editors and users a special skin for the Gas Grenade and Diffuser in their Gaspunk mod.

Participation in modded events

Editor PaladinAHOne represented the FTB Wiki staff in BetterThanMinecon 2015 and BetterThanMinecon 2016 by doing a Q&A panel. Editor Xbony2 promoted the FTB Wiki by creating a promotion booth in BTM16 2.0, and editor and translator 3tusk hosted a panel discussing the Chinese modded Minecraft and the translation of modded content, including translation of the FTB Wiki. Xbony2 also created another promotion booth in BTM Moon.

Editors Xbony2 and ImmortalPharaoh7 sponsored Modoff on behalf of the FTB Wiki in which they agreed to create documentation for the top three mods in the competition. A few other editors also created some documentation for other mods created for Modoff. Wearables, Skillable and Augmented Interactions won and were fully documented. Xbony2, ImmortalPharaoh7, and Hubry again sponsored Modoff 2: Reforged. Glacidus, Gaspunk and Augmented Interactions won and were fully documented, and some documentation was created for other mods created for Modoff 2: Reforged.


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