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This page is about the Occulus added by Mana and Artifice. For other uses, see Occulus.

ModMana and Artifice
TypeTile entity

Occulus is a block added by Mana and Artifice. It tells the player what Tier, Items, Spells, Rituals, they have unlocked and what the player need to complete to advance to the next Tier. Your Tier is displayed at the top right of the GUI. On the right of the GUI is a bar that tells the player what objectives they need to complete to advance to the next Tier.


  • Sorcery: Lists all of the spell Shapes, Components, and Modifiers that are unlocked
  • Rituals: Lists all of the Rituals that are unlocked
  • Manaweave Patterns: Lists all of the Manaweave Patterns that are unlocked
  • Manaweave Crafting: Lists all of the all of the crafting recipes for the Manaweave Altar that are unlocked
  • Runescribing: Lists all of the Runescribing Patterns that are unlocked
  • Runesmithing: Lists all of the Runes that are unlocked
  • Enchantments: Lists all of the Enchantments that are unlocked