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ModArs Magica 2
TypeSolid block

Occulus is a block added by Ars Magica 2 (AM2). It allows the player to unlock spell Shapes, Components, and Modifiers via Skill Points. In addition, Talents such as Mana Regen Boost and Color are unlocked thorough the Occulus and the player's depth in certain Affinities can be viewed in its Affinities tab.


The Occulus' GUI

Tabs are the Occulus's way to categorize spell parts (Shapes, Components, and Modifiers)- They are grouped into three separate tabs according to their effects.

  • Offense: The attack-based spell parts are found in this tab.
  • Defense: The protection-based spell parts are found here in this tab.
  • Utility: The non-battle spell parts are found here in this tab.

In addition, Talents and Affinities are given their own separate tabs in this tab.

  • Talents: Special abilities that can be applied to the player are found in this tab.
  • Affinities: Players may view their current Affinities depth along with the Affinity's buffs and debuffs. Green text means that that specific buff/debuff is active while red text means it is inactive.