Obsidian Transport Pipe

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Obsidian Transport Pipe

Tooltip textSucks up items

The Obsidian Transport Pipe automatically collects items that come into contact with the pipe. Although not required, an Engine attached to the pipe will increase the range that the pipe can collect items, depending on the type of engine. A Redstone Engine will increase the range by about a block, a Stirling Engine will increase the range by about two to three blocks, while a Combustion Engine will increase the range by about three to four blocks. This range increase is in a fanned-out pattern in front of the Obsidian Transport Pipe.



Obsidian Transport Pipes are useful in collecting items from farms where the product is directed to one block using a Water system, such as a Cactus farm.

Obsidian Pipes cannot connect to other Obsidian Pipes.

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