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OV Scanner

ModIndustrialCraft 2
EU use250 EU/use
EU storage10,000 EU

The OV Scanner (Ore Value Scanner) is an upgraded version of the OD Scanner. The OV Scanner is a tool that allows players to determine an approximate amount of valuable resources within a 9x9 block area. The OV Scanner can hold up to 10,000 EU, and can be used 40 times before running out of energy, meaning that one use will use up 250 EU. The OV Scanner uses value, instead of density. Each ore block has its own value.



To use the OV Scanner right click while holding it, and it will scan the blocks in a 9x9 around the player, going down to bedrock. It can also be used in the Miner to scan a 9x9 instead of the previous scanned area.


These are the values set on default, and can be customized in the IndustrialCraft 2 minecraft/config/IC2.cfg file.

Diamond Ore=5
Uranium Ore=4
Iron Ore=4
Lapis Lazuli Ore=3
Redstone Ore=3
Gold Ore=3
Tin Ore=2
Copper Ore=2
Coal Ore=1