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Nuclear Jetpack

ModIndustrialCraft 2 Classic
EU storage30000 EU

The Nuclear Jetpack is an upgraded version of the standard Electric Jetpack. It has a maximum EU storage of 30,000 EU.



The Nuclear Jetpack is very similar to a normal Electric Jetpack, however, it cannot be charged. Instead, it has an internal Nuclear Reactor with a 5x5 grid that can be accessed by shift-right clicking. It starts that reactor once the charge drops lower than 50% and disengages it once the jetpack is full automatically.

The jetpack has four modes. Three of these modes are accessible by pressing Space+M: Normal Mode, Hover Mode and Extreme Hover Mode. Its fourth mode is accessible by pressing Ctrl+M, called Rocket Mode.

  • Normal Mode and Hover Mode are exactly same as the modes of the same names for the Electric Jetpack.
  • Extreme Hover Mode emulates creative flight.
  • Rocket Mode stores jetpack power while Ctrl is held and releases it once Alt is pressed.