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Notes on an Icy Cave

ModTwilight Forest

Notes on an Icy Cave is a Written Book added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is dropped from hostile monsters when killed in the Yeti Lair.

The book's author is "A Forgotten Explorer".


[[An explorer's notebook, covered in frost]]

The blizzard surrounding these snowy lands is unceasing. This is no ordinary snowfall--this is a magical phenomenon. I will have to conduct experiments to find what is capable of causing such an effect.

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At the center of the dark forest, where the leaves turn red and the grass dies, there is a wooden tower. The tops of the tower are affixed with structures acting as antennae. The antennae are not the source of the snowfall, but serve merely to boost the power of the curse causing it.

A blizzard this intense must be caused by a powerful creature, most likely found near the top of the dark forest tower. Stop the creature, and the blizzard will fade.