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Notes on an Auroral Fortification

ModTwilight Forest

Notes on an Auroral Fortification is a Written Book added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is dropped from hostile monsters when killed in the Ice Tower.

The book's author is "A Forgotten Explorer".


[[An explorer's notebook, caked in ice]]

I overcame one blizzard, only to run into this terrible ice storm atop the glacier. My explorations have shown me the splendor of an ice palace, shining with the colors of the polar aurora. It all seems protected by some sort of curse.

[[Next entry]]

I am no novice. This curse is fed by the power of a creature nearby. The cause of the curse surrounding the fire swamp was built off the power of the leader of the minotaurs nearby.

Surrounding this glacier, there are masses of yetis. Perhaps the yetis have some sort of leader...