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Notes on a Pointy Tower

ModTwilight Forest

Notes on a Pointy Tower is a Written Book added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is dropped from hostile monsters when killed in the Lich Tower.

The book's author is "A Forgotten Explorer".


[[An explorer's notebook, gnawed on by monsters]]

I have begun examining the strange aura surrounding this tower. The bricks of the tower are protected by a curse, stronger than any I've seen before. The magic from the curse is boiling off into the surrounding area.

In my homeland I would have many options for dealing with this magic, but here my supplies are limited. I shall have to research...

[[Many entries later]]

A breakthrough! In my journeys I sighted a huge snake-like monster in a decorated courtyard. Nearby, I picked up a worn down, discarded green scale.

The magic in the scale seems to have the curse-breaking properties I need, but the magic is too dim. I may need to acquire a fresher specimen, directly from the creature.
A Forgotten Explorer