Node Transducer (Thaumcraft 4)

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This page is about the Node Transducer added by Thaumcraft 4. For other uses, see Node Transducer.
Node Transducer

ModThaumcraft 4
TypeSolid block

The Node Transducer is a block added by Thaumcraft 4. It is used to energize Aura Nodes to provide Thaumcraft 4's centivis power.


Energizing a Node

For an Aura Node to be energized, a Node Stabilizer needs to be placed below the node. The Node Transducer then needs to be placed above the node and powered with Redstone. Once energized, the node will supply centivis to any Vis Relays or devices within 8 blocks of the node, which in turn can relay the centivis stream to other Vis Relays, or provide power to a variety of Thaumcraft devices as well as devices from a number of Thaumcraft 4 addons.