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Node Dynamo


The Node Dynamo is an energy producer from the Technomancy mod. The dynamo produces energy by draining Vis from nearby Nodes. If left running for long periods of time, the dynamo will inevitably drain the node of all its Vis making it useless. The most bright nodes are capable of fully sustaining a node dynamo for hours on end. The dynamo will output a constant 80RF/t when suppplied with vis.


The dynamo works by placing the node that you want to be drained directly above— if using 0.4.2 and earlier, or near the dynamo— if using 0.5.0 or later. When given a redstone signal, the dynamo will begin draining vis from the node and producing Redstone Flux (RF). The dynamo itself will only output RF through the bottom side to an acceptable RF consumer or transfering device such as a Redstone Energy Conduit or Energy Cell.