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This information pertains to an older version of the mod. This item was removed in Botania version R1.9 build 322.


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Technical details
Last appearanceR1.8-321

The Nightshade is a flower added by Botania. It is a dark counterpart to the Daybloom, generating Mana passively from darkness. The Nightshade was removed in version R1.9-322 of Botania.



The Nightshade generates Mana passively, provided it is nighttime. Unlike the Daybloom, it generates Mana even when it cannot see the sky or during rain.

The Nightshade withers and dies after 3 Minecraft days, unless planted on Enchanted Soil from Overgrowth Seeds.

Prior to Botania R1.8 build 238, Nightshades generated Mana roughly twice as fast, and would suffer from diminishing returns when placed adjacent to other Nightshades.

Prior to Botania R1.7 build 222, the 3-day lifespan could be configured, and Enchanted Soil would increase Nightshades' Mana production.

Nightshade Primus

The Nightshade Primus is a rare form of Nightshade created in clusters of 4-5 (alongside 4-5 Daybloom Primuses) during world generation. Unlike the normal Nightshade, it does not expire after three days, and it generates Mana slightly faster, with the disadvantage that the flower can not be moved from its original location.

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