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Network Latency Pipe

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesTransportation

The Network Latency Pipe is a pipe added by Project Red since v4.7.0pre11. It is a special version of the Item Transport pipe and can be used in a pipe system to control the routing path (see Usage). Thus, this pipe has the same function for the pipe system, as the Pressure Resistance tube for the tube system.



A demonstration of the Network Latency Pipe (in the upper right pipeline) to prefer the transport to the left chest.

An example of a pipe system is shown in the picture in which the items are transported from the lower chest to the left and right chests. If , for example, Stone is to be transported from the lower chest to the chests left and right, then firstly a query between all Routed Interface pipes in the system occurs.

In this query the Routed Interface Pipe at the lower chest calls all other Routed Interface Pipes in the pipe system. The first Routed Interface Pipe which responds back and is also an accepted target, is set as the destination of the transport.

The Network Latency Pipe in the right path gives the Routed Interface pipe on the right chest a delay, whereby the Rounted Interface Pipe on the left chest is specified firstly as the destination of the transport process. Thereby the stone is transported from the lower chest to the chest on the left.