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Necromancer Robes (Witchery)

This page is about the Necromancer Robes added by Witchery. For other uses, see Necromancer Robes.
Necromancer Robes

Tooltip textKeeps the undead at bay.
Undead will generally ignore the wearer.
+35% chance of second necromantic brew
Armor rating3 ( Armor.svg Half Armor.svg)

The Necromancer Robes is an armor piece added by Witchery. It is worn in the chestplate slot and provides 3 ( Armor.svg Half Armor.svg) armor points with a durability of 81. The Necromancer Robes can be dyed and enchanted like leather armor.

If a brew is created in a Kettle, like the Witches Hat, there is a chance that an additional brew will be created. This chance stacks with the chance from the Witches Hat, adding up to 70%. The wearer will be ignored by undead creatures. Unlike most armors, when a player becomes invisible the Robes will turn invisible as well.


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