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/baby a command from NappyCraft.

This commands enables you to wear the nappies what come with this mod, it also enables some baby only buffs to your player. When you first run this command it will enable you to wear nappies within the mod.


In-game indicator of baby mode

If you run the command again this will disable the baby buffs and enable the command /clearbaby what will remove any nappies you are wearing.


Until this command has been run, a user is unable to wear a nappy, they can't put it on, and other users can't put them on you.


Our mod deals with a topic that some people don't want to take part in, this command is a ways of agreement to say "I want to take part in wearing nappies and playing as a baby". When we created this mod we didn't want people playing on the same mod pack servers with this mod installed feel like they might have to wear or be forced to wear, this command enables users to enable and disable this at any point in-game play. We don't promote any kind of bulling so we added this command for people to pick to take part but also stop others to try bully with this mod.


The /clearbaby command is a command that will remove the nappy and effects from the player when they opt to no longer be a baby, this command can only be run when the play isn't in baby mode.

Nappy stage one.


Nappy stage two and three.


Message shown to users who are still in baby mode.