Nacre Pearl

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Nacre Pearl


Nacre Pearl is the main component that a spell is infused into. There are 6 different types of pearls in order of effectiveness: wasted, drained, flawed, decent, potent and Apex. In order to obtain an Apex pearl, the player must throw a Glass Orb into Nacre for exactly 30 seconds, any more or any less reduces the effectiveness, meaning that the spell will be weaker and the mana cost will be higher. A tooltip will indicate how far was the pearl from obtaining an Apex one if not obtained.

Spellforger's Codex's entry

To make a nacre pearl, take a glass orb and throw it in the milky liquid. There are six levels of nacre pearl quality. Wasted is the worst, then drained, flawed, decent, potent, and finally, Apex. You ideally want Apex Pearls, but that takes careful effort to make. The worse the quality of the pearl, the weaker the spell and the more mana it consumes. To get the highest pearl quality, you must keep the glass orb in the nacre for exactly 30 seconds. Any more reduces quality, but any less does too. This isn't required, of course. Apex pearls are good, but you will do fine with potent and decent quality pearls.
You will be using these pearls later on in spell infusion.
Spellforger's Codex