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NOT Gate

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance24
This page is about the NOT Gate added by InfraRedstone. For other uses, see NOT Gate.

The NOT Gate is a block added by InfraRedstone. It has one input and one output side. When it receives any Infra-Redstone signal (or a normal Redstone signal which is treated as a 1 (000001)), it transmits a signal whose value is the bitwise NOT of the input. For example, an input of 48 (110000) makes an output of 15 (001111).

The torch on the output side can be lowered by right clicking on it. When lowered, the gate switches to boolean mode. In this state, it outputs a signal of 1 (000001) if it receives a signal of 0 (000000) or no signal, and a signal of 0 (000000) otherwise.