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Mystical Ore Puller

ModHearth Well
TypeMultiblock structure
Tooltip textConsumes 50 energy per operation.
Blast resistance10

The Mystical Ore Puller is a multiblock machine added by Hearth Well. It can generate various ores using the energy of a nearby Power Crystal.

When the structure is assembled, it uses 50 energy from a nearby Power Crystal to generate a random ore that is ejected from the top of the Ore Puller itself into the Liquid Souls in the structure. Shards can be dropped into the Liquid Souls to force specific ores to appear more often.

By default, it can generate one ore every 2 minutes 30 seconds. The structure can be extended with additional layers to speed up the process by 2.5 seconds per layer, up to 60 layers at which point it can produce an ore every 1 tick.


The complete structure is 3x4x3 and requires (in addition to the Mystical Ore Puller):

Each bonus layer is 3x1x3, must be placed directly below the structure and requires: