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Mystic Branch

Technical details
First appearance0.11.0

The Mystic Branch is a tool added by Witchery. This tool is used to perform Symbol Magic.

The Mystic Branch will allow a player who has successfully applied the Rite of Infusion to themselves to perform certain tasks with the Mystic Branch. Some symbols may not be accessible depending on the type of Infusion that was made. Each effect will drain a small amount of their infused power.

Being worshipped by a Hobgoblin can increase the Branch's power.

Symbols are drawn by holding the using the Mystic Branch, and waving it in the desired direction. If a valid pattern is drawn, the effect will appear as text. The Mystic Branch can also be used to protect against effects produced by other Branches with a few exceptions.


Gesture Effect Name
Left click Deflect branch effects
Up-Left-Up-Up-Right Strengthen a block Cave Inimicum
Left-Left-Up-Down-Down Fires projectile that damages creatures in an area. The projectile does more damage if the caster is low on health. Ignianima[note 1]
Right-Right-Up-Down-Down Damages the caster to restore infusion power. The damage is added to Blood Magic life points. Carnosa Diem[note 2]
Up-Up-Left-Right-Right Summon a dark skull that floats and causes creatures to stay away from it. Morsmordre[note 3]
Down-Down-Left-Right-Right Cast the victim to eternal Torment. Tormentum[note 4]
Down-Down-Right-Right-Up-Up-Left-Left-Left-Left-Down-Down-Right-Right Kills anything except for bosses Avada Kedavra[note 5]
Left-Up-Right-Right-Down Grab item entity in world Accio
Up-Up-Right-Right-Down Create water Aguamenti
Right-Up-Right-Right-Down Open locked door Alohomora
Left-Left-Down-Down-Right Lock a door Colloportus
Left-Left-Up-Up-Right Cause confusion Confundus
Down-Left-Down-Down-Right Very minor damage Crucio[note 5]
Up-Up-Left-Down Dig a block Defodio
Up-Left-Up-Right-Left-Up-Right Remove stun effects Ennervate
Right-Up-Left-Down-Down-Right Very minor heal, causes hunger Episkey
Up-Up-Down Disarm Expelliarmus
Right-Up-Right-Left-Up-Right Draw infernal rune Flagrate
Right-Right-Left Push target away Flipendo
Left-Left-Right Slow down oncoming target Impedimenta
Right-Down-Down-Down-Down Control creature Imperio[note 5]
Left-Up-Up-Down-Down[note 6] Start fire on block. Can be used to light Braziers, as well as Wicker-Men to summon the Horned Huntsman. Incendio
Down-Down-Down-Right Create light block Lumos
Up-Up-Up-Right-Right-Down-Up-Right-Right-Down-Down Stop rain Meteolojinx Recanto
Up-Up-Right-Down-Right-Up Breaks or destroys light sources in a 10-block radius. Nox
Right-Right-Up-Left-Up-Right Stun target Stupefy


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7x7, 11x11
Rite of Infusion

Infuse a mystic branch. Perform at night.

> Ent Twig
> Mystic Unguent

Altar power 3000


Version history Mystic Branch created with a Rite of Infusion using Mystic Unguent and an Ent Twig. A Mystic Branch allows an infused player to draw symbols in the air to produce magical effects. Effects generated by the Branch may be deflected with another branch by attacking (much like a ghast fireball). Some effects cannot be deflected and some effect require a specific infusion to be drawn. Mystic Branch effects: Aguamenti and Incendio were picking the incorrect block to spawn on when hitting the side of a block.
NEW: Increased movement speed (to something near normal) when using the Mystic Branch and a symbol is-being/has-been drawn. The Cave Inimicum Mystic Branch effect now also fortifies wooden doors to iron doors.
FIX: Using Defodio Mystic Branch effect on a Lux Capacitor block placed by the Modular Powersuits mod causes an index out of range exception (and subsequent crash).
FIX: Defodio Mystic Branch effect is now limited to obvious digging related blocks.
FIX: An index out of range exception was occurring when using Witchery Logs in a particular crafting recipe. Unfortunately I do not know which recipe or why it was requesting the data it was, but this fix will stop the crash!
FIX: Colloportus Mystic Branch effect was upgrading a door to a locked door and then breaking the block. Now the door stays where it is supposed to. Without a key the only way to open the door now is with the Alohomora effect. Using a Mystic Branch while having the Infernal Infusion speed power active no longer causes super speed to occur.
FIX: Stopping a server immediately after casting a Mystic Branch effect no longer causes the projectile to float in the air forever. Mystic Branch nox effect more correctly drops broken lamp items.
TWEAK: Mystic Branch Nox effect is now cheaper at 50 power (down from 100)
TWEAK: The Mystic Branch now has a 3d model when held.
TWEAK: Stupify effect from the Mystic Branch causes flying players to glide to the earth.
NEW: Witchcraft: Symbology. A book that lists all of the effects that can be produced with the Mystic Branch, and how to perform them. Added a green enchantment glint to the held 3D models for the Mystic Branch, Spear of the Huntsman and the Horned Huntsman.
0.18.0NEW: As an experiment into block protection, all block altering effects on the Mystic Branch now generate the Forge BlockBreak event and will not perform their action if the event is cancelled. As long as servers are correctly using this event for block protection, this should be a good solution. Confirmed to work on Thaumcraft 4 warded blocks.
0.19.0FIX: When wearing speed enhancing footwear from mods such as Thaumcraft 4, the speed bonus when using the Mystic Branch results in extreme acceleration for the player. This is an incompatibility between the speed bonus mechanism from witchery and that used by Thaumcraft/Tinkers' Construct and not a bug per se.
FIX: Using some witchery items (such as the Mystic Branch) were not clearing cached data when the item was dropped (or changed) while being used (use button pressed).
TWEAK: Brazier can now be ignited when struck with the Mystic Branch Incendio effect.
TWEAK: Bloodied Wicker-Man can now be ignited with the Mystic Branch Incendio effect.
TWEAK: The Mystic Branch effect Episkey now is an instant heal for the caster, but causes hunger.
NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Morsmordre. Summon a dark skull that floats in the air and causes nearby mobs to stay away from it. Ability is obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from an imp.
NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Carnosadiem. Damages the player to restore infused power. Will also add the damage as Life Points to a player who uses Blood Magic. Ability is obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from an imp.
NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Ignianima. Fires a projectile that damages the target and nearby creatures (small AOE). The projectile does more damage if the caster is lower on health. Ability is obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from an imp.
NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Tormentum. Causes the hit creature or player and those nearby (small AOE) eternal torment. Obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from a defeated Lord of Torment. Changed the pattern for the Mystic Branch Incendio effect to left, up, up, down, down.
NEW: Boost Mystic Branch powers through Hobgoblin worshipers. Drawing larger versions of a symbol will result in some effects having becoming AOE, or with even more worshipers, larger or more powerful effects. E.g. Defodio increases to a 3x3 or larger dig effect, Aguamenti spawns more water, or even a small amount in the nether. Placing a Pentacle, Arthana or Mystic Branch on an altar would replace an existing item if one were already there.
0.22.0TWEAK: Added block protection checking to Mystic Branch Aguamenti effect (spawn water), I hope that is the last one that needs it...
0.23.0FIX: Protego mystic branch effect no longer destroys placed mob heads.
TWEAK: Lord of Torment is once again weaker to the Ingianima mystic branch spell.
NEW: Aguamenti mystic branch effect will now also fill kettles and witches' cauldrons
0.24.0TWEAK: Added PVP mode support to some Mystic Branch effects, so no damage can occur if PVP is disabled.


  1. A Soul of Anguish Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.
  2. A Soul of Hunger Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.
  3. A Soul of Fear Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.
  4. A Soul of Torment Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 A Infernal Infusion is required before this effect can be used.
  6. Prior to version 0.20.0, the Incendio effect uses a gesture of Left-Up-Up-Up-Up.