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This page is about the Musket Cartridge added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Musket Cartridge.
Musket Cartridge

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power

The Musket Cartridge is an item from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. It serves as ammunition for Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Blunderbusses, and Flintlock Pistols.


The recipe for a Musket Cartridge changes based on the "Hardcore Musket Cartridge recipe" config option in the mod's config file.

Normal Recipe

Hardcore Recipe


Version history
Prerelease 19CHANGE: Musket cartridge recipe much easier. Harder one is a config option.
0.26.0ADDITION: Particles where musket balls land
0.2810FIX/TWEAK: Musket shots can now go through Tall Grass and other air-like blocks (#295)
0.2811REFIX: Musket shots can go through tall grass and stuff (PaperTriangle) (Issue #295, Pull #303)